elo Package

Get and start enjoying better bedtimes.

elo™ is the doctor-endorsed bedtime system that plays children’s stories and soothing sounds as your child lies down for bed.


Your elo™ pillow:

  • Is preloaded with your first SleepList™, containing several children’s stories followed by soothing sounds to help your child drift off to sleep.
  • Comes in a standard child size, specifically designed for your child’s head.
  • Connects to the elo™ Store, where you’ll have access to browse downloadable SleepLists™ featuring classic stories like Clifford, the Berenstain Bears, and Curious George!
  • Will be shipped within one business day, and arrive within 2-5 business days.

Incredible Sleep Tool!

As a parent of a 4 year old with diagnosed insomnia, we have tried everything under the sun. This works! Don't get me wrong, there are hard nights when she just isn't tired, but this has been the only tool we've found that works the vast majority of the time, and continues to work week after week. The design is very well thought out, all the way from the pillow itself to buying and loading new stories. As of 2/9/15, the only improvements I would make (really just nice-to-haves): subscription model for unlimited SleepLists, and the ability to record your own SleepList.

By: Joel on February 9, 2015

Love It!

Our 4 year old is a boomerang at bedtime. The elo encourages her to stay in bed longer than she would alone.

By: Melissa on February 9, 2015

Nice addition to our evening

This has been a nice tool for our nighttime routine. While it can still take awhile for my boys to fall off to sleep, it has been a much calmer evening- not so much whining and fighting to stay in bed. There are 2 things I wish were different with the pillow. 1) that more than one sleep set could be loaded onto the pillow at a time. My boys often ask to have a different story, but end up listening to the same one 2-3 times before finally dozing off. 2) it would be nice to be able to make our own sleep lists- with stories they like, or continue with a theme they like, or to make a little longer list. There are a lot of good stories, but the boys don't always like all of the stories in a list, especially if they are more 'girly.'

By: Rana on February 9, 2015


I love the concept, my kids like them, but I (they) wish we could completely customize a sleeplist. i.e., buy the books individually and create our own.

By: Chelsea on February 9, 2015

Great for many ages

My three kiddos all love elo for different reasons. (Ages 8, 6, and 4) The oldest knowingly listens in order to calm down from the day and feel sleepier. It has definitely helped the younger two, who share a room, to quit playing and just lie down quietly at bedtime. My 4 year old was beginning to skip naps, which was awful for the rest of the family come evening, but elo will basically ensure that he actually falls asleep for nap when he uses it!

By: Michelle on February 9, 2015

Thank Goodness for ELO

We purchased the ELO pillow a few months ago to hopefully help aid with our 2.5 year old. He had been doing great sleeping in his own big bed and going to bed, but once we brought the new baby home, it all went down the drain. It was seriously taking us 2-3 hours to get our child to fall asleep. My husband and I literally tried everything possible to try to get our son to stay in bed and go to bed…..nothing worked. That's when a friend mentioned the ELO pillow. We purchased it and at first our son wanted nothing to do with it. I think we were forcing it upon him too much...we just wanted to sleep! But after a few weeks, he started to really take interest in it. We turn it on when we leave his room and he knows he has a few minutes to lay his head on the pillow before it turns off if he wants to listen. About 70% of the time he uses it and it helps him relax. He usually moves off of the pillow after 20 minutes or so, but it definitely helps him get settled for the evening. Bedtime no longer takes 2-3 hours in our house, thank goodness!

By: Tracy on January 7, 2016
“elo™ is designed to bridge the gap between parents’ best intentions and kids’ needs with sleep. elo™ helps parents build the foundation of sleep skills kids need to be at their best every day. Shaping behaviors as a family sets the stage for better tomorrows.”
Anastasia Sullwold Ristau
Anastasia Sullwold Ristau, PhD, LP