elo™ is a mom-created, kid-loved, doctor-endorsed, bedtime system that promotes healthy sleep and a more enjoyable bedtime

elo™ was conceived by two mothers who saw an opportunity to help both children and parents with the struggles of bedtime.It all began at bedtime. A mother of two was tired of the bedtime battle. Her friend imagined a “magic pillow” that would stop storytime every time her daughter lifted her head off the pillow.

One night, the mother tried this tactic while reading stories—and it worked! The excuses to get out of bed dissolved away, and her daughter stayed resting in bed. She even tried to pick up her stuffed animal with her feet so her story wouldn’t be interrupted!

Thus began the elo pillow. Now that “magic pillow” is no longer just a dream product, but a tool to encourage restful bedtimes and decrease struggles. Enjoy!

How elo pillow is revolutionizing bedtime

Children look forward to a soothing bedtime, and learn how to stay in bed and calmly drift off to sleep more quickly.

  • Children get to sleep sooner and teach themselves how to stay still and fall asleep.
  • Update your elo™ through our extensive store that features hundreds of age-appropriate stories paired with soothing sounds
  • Wirelessly download stories to your elo™ via its built-in Wi-Fi.

“There seems to be a lot of focus on symptoms such as inattention and behavioral, emotional, or learning issues, without realizing that inadequate and poor quality sleep might be a core factor. elo™ can help!

What people are saying about Elo Pillow

“Both kids (3 and 5) out cold after mommy/daddy time and of course storytime on their new elo pillows. This is one AMAZING pillow!!!”

From elo dad Charlie R.

“It’s a great help, it shortens the bedtime process, you know how long it goes especially for toddlers 🙂 This is a great product!”

From elo mom @eTuesdays

“Hi! Just to let you know I have used this pillow for three nights now. Noah loves it… He has already started asking for it before bed. Great product!”

From elo mom Sage L.